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Get Ready for Transformation.

Ignite that creativity within. Open up the pathway to freedom. 

Hello and welcome

I'm Sharon, a Wisdom Intuitive

  • Light language and soul code channel

  • Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner and Teacher

  • Advance Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner 

  • Angelic Reiki and healing channel 

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Upcoming Circle dates also using
Findhorn Flower Essences 

Wednesday13th December 2023 - Calm Me Down (Calm Body and Mind, channel energies into right action)

Wednesday 10th January 2024 - Take Heart (Support through major life changes that cause stress and tension)

Wednesday 7th February 2024 - Prosperity (Manifesting an abundance of wellbeing)

Wednesday 13th March 2024 - Karma Clear (Release Tensions that bring pain, suffering and unhappiness)

Sacred Space Workshop for Anxiety & Stress

Sunday 19th November 2023 10:00 – 12:00

Sacred Space Fun Workshops to reduce Anxiety and stress, balance your energy, transform heavy energy into lightness, joy and happiness, find that childlike playfulness within… using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping), Flower Essences, sacred energy and sound.

We can transform your life together

I create the sacred space for you to tap into your own innate wisdom and creativity. 
Using the energetic signature of flower essences, EFT ( Emotional Freedon Technique / tapping) Angelic Reiki, healing, light language and soul code frequencies, we can explore what opens your heart, to love what you want to do in your life,

We can transform any blockages, programmes, unwanted emotions, and beliefs that have been created in this life time and past lives.

We can look at how ancestral time lines may have been holding you back in this life, which has stopped you stepping into the freedom you so desire

A happy client...

"Sharon created a welcoming haven for our intuitive healing session.  We shifted some heavy burdens using EFT and light language in her safe and kind space.  It was so powerful and yet I felt gently held and supported.  Highly recommended."
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